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WRL Funeral March (February, NYC)
Iraq War Vigil (Ongoing, Staten Island)
WRL Funeral March (Brooklyn, NYC)
Stop Illegal Wiretaps, Staten Island
Left Forum Conference, NYC
SDS Protest At PACE University, NYC
SDS at WRL March 19th Protest, NYC
SDS March 19th Protest (Florida)
SDS March 19th Protest (Iowa)
SDS Protest At French Consulate in NYC
SDS NYC Visit With Tom Hayden
Immigrants Rights Protest (A1) NYC
Immigrants Rights Protest (A10) NYC
Tax Day Actions in NYC
SDS Northeast Regional Conference
UCF SDS Hands Off Iran Action
SDS In A29 Anti-War Mobe (NYC)
Witness Against Torture March (NYC)
May Day Immigrant Rights March (NYC)
May Day Action - CC Left
Immigrant Rights March M20 - NYC
UCF SDS - Spring Actions
Fleet Week Protest (NYC)
VFP Memorial Day March
Kansas City SDS Wal-Mart Action
SDS Protest In Olympia
Granny Peace Brigade (NYC)
Protest At The US Mission (NYC)
Merchant Marine Academy Protest
SDS Vigil For Lt. Watada (NYC)
CodePINK Protest In Chappaqua (NY)
Witness Against Torture Vigil
IWW Protest At Starbucks (NYC)
Protest At The Israeli Consulate (NYC)
2006 SDS National Convention (Chicago)
Defend Lebanon and Palestine Demo (Astoria)
Grannies March In Brooklyn (NYC)
Number The Dead Protest (NYC)
SDS Protests At The UN (NYC)
Civil Disobedience At The UN
World Can't Wait Protest (NYC)
UCF SDS Protests War Profiteers (Orlando)
Police Riot At Anti-Racist Protest (NYC)
The Bronx Says No To War! (NYC)
Protest On The Staten Island Ferry (NYC)
Staten Island Peace Festival (NYC)
Mark Rudd At Drew University (NJ)
SDS Marches Against Apartheid - In Israel and the US (NYC)
Faculty Protest At Pace University (NYC)
"Shopping For Justice" (Sean Bell) Protest (NYC)
"Day Of Outrage" (Sean Bell) Protest (NYC)
3000 US War Dead Protest (NYC)

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